Travel, atypical.

It begins to slowly linger into the encephalon, coursing through the brain, clutching it’s witch hook deeper like a deviant mistress. Unravelling the human mind, layer by layer, peel after peel, until it starts remitting an array of simulacra and shows us the abysmal depths of our mind in return.


Travelling is something that everyone loves. I for one love it the most. Travelling is about the journey to the place. Its about waking up your dormant senses, broadening ​your mind to the ways and culture of wherever your wanderlust takes you, meeting new people… Ah! The people, so uniquely different but so beautifully similar. When you travel you understand that you only know so little about the world, there is so much to unravel, so much to see, to feel!
Today I take it upon myself to tell you that there is another way of travelling and an alternative mode of transportation is not what I intend to convey. The redundancy of this approach demands a much broader, progressive, undogmatic and unprejudiced perception.
Now that I have agitated your curiosity, shall we jump into it then!
Like all voyages- the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. A drink from the chalice permeated with angel tears, from that cup of liquid sunshine!… Or sometimes a parchment may suffice to blast you off into the morning sky.
Once ingested, you wait… you eagerly wait for it to take you on a  journey that maybe, just maybe will change your life forever.
The feeling of excitement,  euphoria, that electrifying sensation going up and down your body, the spurts of anxiety  just prior to entering into a “profound experience”.
It begins to slowly linger into the encephalon, coursing through the brain, clutching it’s witch hook deeper like a deviant mistress. Unravelling the human mind, layer by layer, peel after peel,  until it starts remitting an array of simulacra and shows us the abysmal depths of our mind in return.
You turn on! And so it begins, it’s just like travelling, you go places, you see things, you laugh, you cry, you smell colours, you see sound, you meet entities and Gods, you sometimes become one yourself(Yes you! A God!). You travel space and time continuum. You are one with all the things, all the things are one with you- you are me, I am you.
But don’t lose me, we are still travelling!
It takes you to the edge of your imagination and back. You trip on things that aren’t really there, or are they!
The phantasmagoria are your manifestation, they are your own reckoning! Not bequeathing this great ordeal with the status of reality is like denying your own existence.
“Reality is only a Rorschach ink- blot, you know.”
Like a voyager on an expedition, you trek through the differentiating stratas of your infinite consciousness, adhered otherwise.
“You are that vast thing that you see far, far off with great telescopes”. 
And just like astronomers  once you are off that telescope (or your instrument of mind expansion), you study your new findings. You analyze. You introspect. You reflect on it.
A journey into your own psyche!
All this sitting in the confines of your 8×10 room.
I’ll tell you why you travel… To have a new experience, and so is this, an experience! Some cult members(hipsters otherwise) may suggest that those indifferent to this notion have their judgement clouded by the materialistic view of travelling.

“We identify in our experience a differentiation between what we do and what happens to us.”

You travel to meet new people and on this adventure you make acquaintance with your true self.

“Travelling gets a person out of their comfort zone, away from all their normal pleasures and comforts and way of doing things.” 

Just when you feel you are making friends with this new added part, it turns on you and so do you(turn)! It doesn’t matter how meagre or trivial the reason for its provocation maybe, it haunts you nonetheless and turns a problem seeming atomic to the non-indulgent into a frightening horror story of which you are the protagonist. It surely gets you out of your comfort zone but isn’t that the whole point of travelling? Isn’t that what the whole outburst was about, to catch a break from the monotony! Isn’t that why you berzerked out of your bed in the morning!

“Travel unravels the beauties and the beasts of the world unfamiliar.”

The intense horror being one facet, the other patch is veritably the greener one.
This is where the true bliss lies. Be it the drifting, grooving and capering like someone possessed, to the high BPM of psytrance… while in trance! Or enjoying the new found kaleidoscopic vision along with other mystified senses which makes the horsing around even more fun. Or be it that moment of supposed enlightenment where all the unanswered questions are given the answer to, where the keys to the kingdom are handed to you, where all the worldly possessions are suddenly rendered meaningless and you are repulsed by the profane, this momentary bliss is definitely the better side to this experience.

As all things good or bad must come to an end, this does too. You come down. The alleviation of coming down is congruous to the feeling of homecoming. Deliverance from an experience that not only exhausts the body but also the mind, especially the mind, definitely the mind! It wears off and like a common hitchhiker you are stranded in the middle of that cold and hard asphalt giving you a reality check and spilling the beans on its assumed infinitude.
I hope you have not lost me on the part where all this is still travelling and just like travelling this also leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller(but not a very good one at that!).These moments are transformative; they take us out of our element and remind us of why we are here. Certainly a radical change in the already existing idea of travelling but really it’s just another experience waiting for you to embrace and make the most of. Without the haze of the bigoted monocle this way of travel is also pretty​ awesome!
And like all travelers, I “with hope filled heart and delusion filled mind” bid adieu to the many travelers of the world for there are many adventures for me to partake in because “all those who wander are not lost”.